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Jun 29, 2022

Dr Ashwani Rajput speaks with Dr Gerald Andriole, Director of the Johns Hopkins Brady Urological Institute in the National Capital Region, about the treatment of prostate cancer and The Brady's commitment to excellent patient care, breakthrough research, and training of the next generation of physicians.

Jun 22, 2022

Dr Ashwani Rajput talks with Dina Lansey, Associate Deputy Director of Community Outreach and Engagement, about the Kimmel Cancer Center's efforts to partner with our communities to address cancer disparities and improve healthcare outcomes.

Jun 16, 2022

Dr Bill Nelson speaks with Dr Rebecca Stone about a new approach to reducing the risk of ovarian cancer.

Jun 4, 2022

Dr Bill Nelson talks with Dr Anne Marie Lennon from the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center and Dr Jonathan Simons from the Marcus Foundation about a significant study that shows the majority of patients with stage II colon cancer no longer need chemotherapy following surgery.